Tuesday, October 19, 2010

First rate hate

I grow weary at the outright ignorance and childishness that governs the hearts and minds of some people. Growth is not about textbook knowledge or being a better, stronger, kinder kind of person. Growth is what happens when you allow your life experience to fully manifest within you your unique way of being. Of being in the world amongst all the other creatures vying for a place in the survival of fittest. Of being in the world with all it's hardship and strife and agony, and injustice served in the greatest quantities in the most heartbreaking capacities and still being able to know joy and warmth and hope and love. Of being in the world and making the most of what it is to be a being in the world amongst all the other creatures in the world who are being with you, growing with you, dying with you, decaying with you, or unfortunately remaining stagnant right next to you.

I feel pity for those who stay locked inside of notions such as hate and envy and bitterness, because I know what it is to be that person, and because I know what it is to not be that person.

We all make mistakes. We all have regrets. We all form attachments. We all long. We all need. We all love. We all breathe. The same air.

I feel nothing but pity for those who can not appreciate the basic human right of every individual to seek and find happiness. I feel nothing but pity for those who would rather make it their life's purpose to tear others down and rip them apart instead of lifting them up and wishing for their well being as if it were their own. I don't envy these poor, sad souls the difficulty they will face in finding what they most truly desire while trapped in an oblivious world comprised of venom, malice, and self-destruction.

Hate is ugly and in a funny, almost hypocritical twist - I hate it.

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  1. :)

    Loving your hatred of hate...or...
    Loving your love of love and growth that convolutes into hatred of hate.
    Just to be awkward and loving :D

    Big Kiss