Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Stopping to smell the (anything but) roses

Only when I am lost, do I ever feel found.

My new job requires me to constantly battle my unfortunate directional impairment. It wouldn't be much of a battle if I didn't have to be places within specific time constraints, because I enjoy being exactly where I am, especially when I don't know where I am.

So there I was... lost, as usual, and pressed for time, when I stumbled across this stunning scene. My anxiety subsided immediately as I stopped my world for a moment to embrace the beauty around me. Just after I took this picture great wide wings spread gloriously open and stretched a wide span of delicate rolling beauty to embrace and warm the youthful innocence resting nearby.

These quiet moments of solitude fill the framework of my existence to capacity and enable my complete participation in this thing we call life. As a majestic feathered creature camouflaged in a snow storm, I continue.

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