Friday, January 14, 2011

What a man needs

A man needs a steady source of income and sense of purpose to go with it. He needs to feel powerful and successful and he needs to feel like that will never ever end.

A man needs a fantastic car. One that will take him far and still handle well in stop and go traffic. It should also be sporty with some serious horse power.

A man needs a woman. Preferably one who looks like a dream, right off the silver screen. She should have hair long enough to pull and be without a mind of her own that she may never want or need anything but his love. She should be able to turn off her emotions on demand, well all of them that aren't positive or pertain to her complete devotion. It helps if she's under 25 and still malleable.

A man needs porn more than he needs poetry, and he can rarely tell the difference.

A man needs his ego stroked as often as his cock, and he can rarely tell the difference.

A man needs a set of tools, to construct the world to fit his own.

But what man needs most is a welders helmet, so he might see the truth if enough flame is shined upon it without becoming blind to everything else.

*Sidenote: There's nothing sexy about jaded over-generalizations, which is why a man is not everyman, just the persistant mid-life crisis-ers. ;)

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