Sunday, September 25, 2011

I read this book once.

I was in a bookstore. Killing time. Waiting on a friend.
Well the book was good and I wasn't finished so I bought it.
I'm glad I did.
I was introduced to Goethe there. In a book titled "Three Philosophical Poets."
The book used three primary examples, Faust being one of them, as a means of showing how deeply related philosophy and poetry are. Extraordinary reading, really ... for a girl with very little formal education and even less connections to people who provide this sort of enlightenment.
I read Faust aaaages ago, but never read any more of Goethe's work for a lack of time and a massive obligation list.
Then today I was wandering around the flea market and spotted what you see ^ up there. Yeah, right up there, in my lap. :)
The irony is so think it could drown a fish, BUT I won't get into all of that. There's a back story to the Ginsberg thing too, but we'd be here a century if I attempted to explain it's importance and relevance to my current state of bewilderment, excitement, intoxication, and attachment to this new literature in my possession.
I figured since my last post was all about how I don't have time to read the books I already have I might as well point out that I'm just insane enough to keep doing the thing that I know won't change but continue to expect to, but only because I want to. Whew! Dijya jibe with all that?
No? Well, it's okay, I think I might move to Mexico anyway. :)

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