Saturday, December 31, 2011

Asleep, in flight.

I've spent the biggest part of 2011 sleepwalking.  It's true.  Yes, I earned my first college degree and dealt with some serious catastrophe, but I did it all while sleep walking.  Starting to pull up from this state of stagnation over the course of the last couple of months I've found it much more difficult to rise from the tarry pits of looming hopelessness and survival mode than imaginable.

Across every synapse and around every sinus in my skull I've found the tangles impossible to unravel and the colors without brilliance, it's all just completely dull.

What sort of resolution might I find in such a peculiar place?  To tear down smoke screens and forgive the goddesses of beauty? To peel and open and revive and radiate a somewhat necrotic heart? To shed the dreams that weigh me down and chase the ones that could give me flight?  To see reality and hold to self-made promises like imaginary best friends while releasing wishes into the wild like wounded animals nursed to health?


Put me in the woods and let me breathe like the trees.  Roll me in the mud and let me wear the earth.  Cast me boundless into the sea and let my inhibitions seep from my pores.  Maybe then I'll know something.  Maybe. Maybe. Perhaps.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Winter Coping Mechanisms

Seasonal Affective Disorder is a debilitating issue for many sun-worshippers and other cold-weather, gray-sky haters.  This is a list of a few of my favorite methods for coping with the wretched frozen darkness we call winter.  As RedGreen says.... We're all in this together, I'm pulling for ya! *reels in imaginary fishing line*

10. Drink and be merry. If ever there was an excuse for alcohol consumption, keeping warm tops them all... Unless you believe in transubstantiation, in which case you should not be reading my list ...get thee to a nunnery!
9. Bigger, better bacon.

8. Go tanning. Warning: may cause skin cancer and/or unadulterated bliss.

7. There are two kinds of serenity in the world. One for those who crochet and one for those who knit. Join a side and roll with it. (Sidenote: The end result is almost always helpful for mechanism #2)

6. Plan your summer. Of course, it might seem like it sucks the spontaneity out of life but nobody said you had to do the details. That’s where the devil is anyway.

5. Maple-Syrup Snow Candy. It’s maple syrup, do you really need more convincing?

4. Build and army of non-violent snowmen to protest and protect against “the man”… really, this is the only time of year when it’s possible and it’s as effective as anything else you might try.

3. Stand outside and curse the sky. Not only does it release frustration but it keeps your neighbors from getting too personable.

2. Wear layers. It makes the end of the day strip-tease a lot more fun.

1. Pretend you are the white witch. A little imagination goes a long way.

*This should go without saying since it's spoken word, but just in case you need it said, curl up with a blanket, some sort of hot beverage, and have a dose of passionate verbiage. Feel free to start right here *

Sunday, December 11, 2011

There ain't no ash will burn

First, have a listen... or rather a feel...

Sifting through all the charred bits to find something burnable to kindle a new love finding embers still aflame from every past experience.  Self definition is so inaccurate perhaps it is more futile than hope.  Futility means nothing to me.  Importance, though....  There is significance in strangers.   Aletheia doesn't rest in every interaction.  Resting seldom, reaching though ...always.  Into and around, through and out of.  Toward. Always toward that truest state, she aims.

It's a heavy sigh breathed into crisp December air across the globe with wishes for bliss on any road.  It's a smile so wide that treks across space so grand it cuts through mountains and washes down rivers intact.  Dix doigts entrelac√©s √† travers l'espace et le temps.... unmitgated joy in the crumbling statue of memory. 

There is no such thing as a blank slate, and there ain't no ash will burn. So long as I breathe, I breathe fire.  So long as I wish, I wish for this.

Laissez-nous danser, toujours dans cet endroit.