Friday, February 10, 2012

Focus Pocus

It never gets any less creepy or endearing. Hi! :)

In any event, I've come to the sudden realization that my cowardice has left me in the bad decision boat more often than not but in this most recent circumstance it probably kept me out of prison.  Had I inflamed the situation with my terrorist of a grandfather, I'm not sure the capacity to cease fire would have been within me.  So! With this tidbit of new found knowledge I'm trekking forward once more.
The courses I'm coursing through academically have given me a solid foundation of information for the inborn concepts I already understood on a primitive level and now that I'm moving forward with the dream I've come to realize that I do indeed have goals, and they involve changing the face of our health care system.

With my still quite small children my focus will be primarily on them until such a time as I can safely release them into the wild.  Until then... foundation expansion, self-improvement, networking, learning, loving, and skill building.  It's the perfect plan! 

My connections with various non-profit organizations need to grow as I embark on my idea for a book series.  A strategy for survival, and raising awareness, helping, loving, improving all rolled into one.  My addiction to darkness notwithstanding, I believe the cure for such a DIS-ease is that of through and not around.

Altering my focus has never been a task I've enjoyed, until now.  Recognizing the power of this cognitive trick was not easy, and I am still learning and with any amount of effort I am certain that the learning will never end.  
First thing is first, copyright research. :)

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