Wednesday, July 4, 2012

fishbowl broken

Speak not another word.
Your soul is seen.
It is yours to lose,
And not mine to find.

Of teachers, I have many.
by example, by face
by moon beams reflecting
in ether eyes.

Putrid honesty,
sees only inside its own skull,
twists words like dying fish.

Such a horrid stench
permeating the airy space
of perfectly eroded shores

Short and slippery are the ties that bind
my soul to yours
and it is my soul to lose
not yours to find.

"You speak of my love like you have experienced love like mine before. But this, is not allowed, your uninvited, and unfortunate slight."  ~Alanis. 

Happy holiday, folks.  Stay safe and do try to not blow off any important appendages.

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