Sunday, September 23, 2012

We are not

Cascading water builds resistance to the rocks
smoothed by its babbling bubbles,
as slippery grow the steps to the other side.

If the road less traveled makes all the difference
I dare say the one never charted will charter
the thorasic cavity into an expanded excitement,
and give the cartographers something new to speak of
for the first time in decades.

Can you not feel the rocks moving beneath your feet,
ever so slightly, with the subtle shifting of sands over plates over time? 
Or do you have need for that wondrous shaking, suddenly,
at once overwhelmed by the violent cries of it's eventual demise,
shaking loose it's fears and heading forward with that blinking neon sign
also known as the arrow of time?

Then I'm left to wonder, without regard to your answer,
how we are any different from the soil beneath our feet?
or the flaming gaseous color scheme of the everything?
how are we any different from anything, at all?