Thursday, March 14, 2013

Letter to a patronizing nurse

Dear patronizing nurse,

I understand that your need to feel in control is out of your control, and I understand that belittling others makes you feel better about yourself.  I don't think you understand how convoluted either of these attributes are.  I'll try to keep your perspective in mind as I explain, but I must admit that will be a very difficult task because I've never shared a mindset such as yours, nor have I harbored a heart so excoriated that it simply must infect others.

When you exhibit your need to hold power over other people you do not actually hold any power at all, except for showing everyone how insecure you are underneath your impenetrable need to cling to control.  When you outwardly chide and ignore people who only want to work with you to create an optimal work environment you don't display authority, you display pettiness and immaturity and help to promote a work environment that is not enjoyable for anyone. 

While I recognize that you may derive some minuscule pleasure out of doing and saying things to other people that are rude, inappropriate, hurtful, and condescending I truly believe that your brain would release even more "happy chemicals" if you opened up the brick wall surrounding your heart and let a little love in.  You might find that you make real friends out of your co-workers instead of people who smile at you and then talk about how disgusted they are with you behind your back. 

As for the belittling comments you're always making either with a piercing giggle, or under your breath:  This is primary school behavior, and it's extremely unbecoming.  Putting other people down, or in a lesser position than you, even if only in your mind, to lift yourself up is one of the most counter-productive human behaviors, because everyone who sees you doing this automatically lessens their value of your character and integrity.  This is why most people grow out of it after high-school if not before.

We are all here for the primary purpose of earning a paycheck, but this is not any ordinary field of business, this is long-term care.  This is more than just another paycheck.  It's more than doing x to get y.  It's more than an assembly line, or a department store, or logistics firm.  This is a place where people come to receive CARE in the most difficult and trying times of life.  Often, this is where people spend the last few years, months, weeks, and moments of their life. For these individuals in particular, this place is their final act, and you play the role of the oblivious jester so well that I'm not sure that you even know that's the role you're playing.  I'm not saying don't have fun while you're at work, I'm just saying it would be prudent if you would find a more respectful and caring way to go about it.

If you intend to continue treating people with such blatant disrespect. that is your choice, but do so with the knowledge that every moment you live you are creating your legacy, and so far your legacy only resembles the fecal matter lingering in the dumpsters out back. 

The universal law of unattractive bitches.

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