Wednesday, March 20, 2013

No burrito, no cry

Sticking with the theme of naming my raw recipes after music, I made the most satisfying burritos last night after working 24 hours in a 32 hour period on a mere 5 hours of sleep in a 48 hour period.  Yes, I'm pretty sure my employer is trying to kill me, but I agreed to the ridiculous hours so I can't say that legitimately.

Needless to say I was wiped the fuck out, and STARVING.  I wasn't expecting much.  I figured it'd taste pretty much like a salad in wrap made out of more salad.  I'm happy to say, that once again I was wrong. I adapted the recipe from a youtube video by FullyRawKristina of Rawfully Organic in Houston TX. 

Credit where it's due, I'd've never, ever come up with this one on my own. 

A few weeks ago we had to make a super fun run to the apple store to deal with a broken Ipod.  Anyone who has ever been in an apple store can probably relate to the severe emotional draining we felt by the time the ordeal had ended.  Looking around the food court our options were limited so we settled on Chipotle and Smoothie King.  I was excited to make my cooked portion of foods for the week a burrito because quite frankly I'd been craving one since I kicked the cooked.  (I'm not shooting for 100% raw, I'm a realist and still quite the dairy addict). 

Smoothie King was awful by the way.  I'll probably never ever stand in line for one of their nasty, overly sweetened power protein, pre-frozen mushes in a cup again.  Anyway, I'd been somewhat obsessed with finding a good raw burrito since my old favorite left me feeling something just beyond sluggish.

Enter - No burrito, No Cry.  Thank you Bob Marley. 

And FullyRawKristina.

And my boyfriend's guitar.

And his knife wielding super powers.  He was my sous chef after all. 

First you whip up what Kristina calls "awesome sauce."  Now, I've been using awesome sauce for years, but it wasn't this.  I'll let you use your imagination here, just keep it near the gutter if you wanna get it right.  ;)

This version (which is awesome in an entirely different way) and altered to fit my kitchen meant blending a few spoonfuls of tahini, an orange bell pepper, an entire zucchini, the juice of three lemons, and a few shakes of cumin and Himalayan pink sea salt until it was creamy.  About five minutes in my POSter. 

While I was whipping up my awesome sauce I had my tall, dark, and handsome washing, chopping, and shaving things.  Lots of things.

Bell Peppers, cucumber, avocado, carrots, celery, lemony blend greens, purple onion, green onion, and tomato.

I don't care for cilantro so we didn't use it, but Kristina did.

I do care for hot peppers, but we didn't have any on hand.

She used some alfalfa sprouts, I used spicy sprouts, "a tangy blend of radish and clover" sprouts.

After de-stemming a few collard leaves, you simply throw down some awesome sauce and spread it around.  Then you pile on the veggies and pretend to be better at wrapping burritos than you really are. 

As Kristina said, eating this thing is a whole other experience.  She was right.  It reeeeally is.

And I really can't put it any better than that.

It was amazing.  This recipe will definitely become a standard around here.  You know, providing the world economy doesn't come to a screeching halt and leave us all fighting over the last cheerio.

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