Monday, March 18, 2013

Sunset strip bitch juice

Named this one after an eve 6 tune and the original (but slightly altered) recipe that I found somewhere on the interwebs and managed to jot down on the back of one of my student loan "pay up, bitch" envelopes and not lose.  Organization is still not my strongest suit.

Anywhooooooo It's not too sweet or acidic or tart or any of those other things I've been overdosing on lately.  It's just sweet enough to do a delightful power dance between my tastebuds while still packing enough veggies to make me feel like I could outrun one of the kids should I so desire.

It turned out a pretty orangish red, which is slightly different from reddish orange.  The lil' bit of foam on top was more orange than the actual juice, and really that's pretty much all you can see in the picture, but it's late and I have much more juices to make, and raw burritos to prep for tomorrow. In any event it reminded me of a sunset enough to stick with part of the original title and incorporate an old song that emotes pretty much the same hued vibe.  At least for me.  I still maintain that the most beautiful thing about music is it's subjective stronghold over individual experiences.

Enough yammering.  Here's what's in it.

1 Large sweet potato
1 Enormous Purple carrot
1 Medium Red Bell Pepper (minus several bites, don't judge)
1 Beet (I'd go with one medium, half a large, or two tiny ones depending on your tolerance for the taste of dirt... I still don't particularly care for beets unless they are masked heavily with fruit, usually pineapple)
3 Apples (of the sweet variety, unless you wanna tart things up a bit... I need mellow, so I used sweet)
and 1 orange.

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