Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Unreality television

When comes to books I tend toward the non fiction almost usually, so it's strange that I would decide to be writing fiction in my "spare" time.  And probably kinda stupid.  I have no idea what I'm doing.  I'm just doing it. 

When it comes to television I tend toward the fiction.  I like stories. Doesn't everyone? 

I almost usually hate anything remotely related to what we refer to as reality tv.  But just the same I'd watch one where they put a bunch of smokers in a house without cigarettes. 

I don't remember who's idea that was, but it wasn't mine.  I think about it though. Every time I quit. 

I've decided not to quit.  At least in every negative connotation provided in that terminology.  I'm not going to quit smoking. I am, however, going to start breathing more cleanly.  Or something.  Seriously.  Brainwashing oneself is tricky business.  At this juncture I'm just beginning to feel like a pro.  Until it all collapses in again, anyway. ;) 


  1. i quit 15 years ago. probably the best thing i have ever done. well, not entirely the best thing but still up there. what do you smoke and how many?

    1. Whatever is on sale, and as many as it takes. Usually 10-20/day. I quit every few weeks for a few days. Last serious attempt left me nearly brain dead because I quit coffee and all forms of caffiene at the same time. Two months later I couldn't even name a fork. Doc put me on chantix then, but that just made me homocidal, which was a nice break from suicidal but unsettling just the same. Using the gum this time round, prolong the addiction, save congnitive ability.