Thursday, June 13, 2013

Shooting the breeze

So I was browsing, snoopily, lazily, and half-heartedly the pages of the Internet where people use terms like "collective consciousness" "trancing" and "namaste".

No worries.  I'm still me.  I didn't trance out and join the collective of people so willing to ignore everything negative because not only is ignorance bliss, but apparently by ignoring bad things you help them to fade from the world like a dying star in the universe.

Or something.

Whatever gets you through it, floats your boat, tickles your pickle, or enables you to face another day.  I'm not convinced that it's practical, but I admire the resilience of those who practice this theory.  Kinda.

Anyway, some guy posted some thing and some other guy said it was full of ego.  Some other guy said, no sir THAT comment was full of ego, some other guy was like we're human we're all full of ego but that wasn't necessary, not one bit of any of it.  And I'm just over here staring into the fun house mirror room and wondering why people are so contrary and mean. 

Then it hit me.  Like a half-eaten bird at my feet in the mouth of a house-cat.  Namaste.

My stomach turned, and I think I might've thrown up in my mouth a little bit.

It could not have been any more disingenuous.  It could not have been any more out of place.  And it is the same automatic reaction that I have so very often at other phrases, like "god bless you" or "have a blessed day."  Because all too often they are just words.  Just filler.  Wind in the dessert of hopeless interaction.


You say namaste, I say - prove it.

You want god to bless someone, I say - you provide that blessing.

You want someone's day to be improved, then help improve it.

You say, you too.  I say, I don't say shit I don't mean.  I say, if those words ever escape my lips in the direction of some else's ears there will have already been action to back it, or at least an enourmous amount of sentiment.  It's a beautiful notion, and a wonderful word, the very concept could change the whole world.  I don't have a problem with namaste, or other related phrases.  I have a problem with their abuse, and their mis-use as a means to guide some people into an escape from reality or conflict resolution.

But I'm not perfect.  And I'm well aware that this post is "full of ego." And on some level, hypocrisy. 
But I am human.
And I am annoyed.
And I can say whatever the fuck I want.
So can you.
And we can all learn not to choke on our vomit together.

Namaste. :P