Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Saving grace

From the raging waters flows
A fresh obssession
A new hope for something tangible

A vibrant array of ink scrawled across thousands of pages

J. Herbin, Iroshizuku, Edelstein, Noodlers

And the tools by which they transform from a liquid bottle of potential
Into my soul,
the core of who I am,
my regrets,
my dreams,
my existence,
my sharpest learning curves
and my straightest edges

Shaeffer, Noodlers, Pilot, Parker, Hero, Jinhao, Lamy

And an oblique holder,
with countless vintage nibs
unearthed from the darkest corners
forgotten by antique shop owners long ago

On brighter days
I go treasure hunting
Hoping beyond hope to find something inscribed
with one of the following names

Mabie Todd, Wahl Eversharp, Shaeffer, Esterbrook, Merlin 33

Working overtime to afford
Yoke, Aileron, Edison, UniqueObliques
Maybe someday

Buying sacks to restore all the broken forgotten things
The world becomes clearer through a focused loupe
The tines align with my mind
The ink flows from my heart

The closest to home I've felt in ages

At my own table
In my own space

Fountain pen in hand
Fearless page before me